In the heart of central Switzerland, there is one of the smallest cantons: the canton of Zugo. The atmosphere is amazing, with the calm waters of the lake, the treated lawns and mountains in the background. This is here where Adriana and Beat live and where they have celebrated their wedding. On the shores of Zugo Lake, surrounded by a park of old trees, Villa Villette in Cham, a historic home, is the perfect setting for their civil wedding followed by a ceremony of blessing of their union in the chapel of St. Adrian in Arth. Both ceremonies were very intimate and full of beautiful emotions. A charming guest-house with a warm and cozy atmosphere: the Restaurant Sternen in Walchwil, welcomed the newlyweds and guests pampered by the food and wines of French cuisine with the flavors classics. It was a unique day with many happy moments. Adriana and Beat have made this day a memorable moment with their kindness and generosity towards guests.
The atmosphere was simply perfect!
© R.R

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