The magic of Como lake, a romantic italian garden, the charm of Villa D’Este, an elegant luxury and famous hotel all over the world, was the dream atmosphere that Alaina and Leonardo, an italian-american couple, had chosen for their wedding. A beautiful day and a beautiful view had left all the guests amazed. The beautiful italian gardens had been the scenary of fable of their ceremony with symbolic rite. A very suggestive moment had been the beginning of the ceremony, with the entrance of the groom with the mother (a tipical italian custom) follow by the bridesmaids in dress of the same color accompany by witnesses (a tipical american costum). While the bride accompany by the father was mading his entrance, his happy face showed a romantic, unique and unforgettable moment. With the symbolic rite the bride and groom had testified their union, in front of the important and loved people. A beautiful day for a outdoor wedding. In front of the beauty of Como lake, a tasty aperitif with the romantic sound of the violins waited the bride and groom and the guests.
It’s evening and the elegant reception in a salon in Villa D’Este, decorated with mirrors, chandeliers and candlesticks had made the atmosphere romantic. Spectacular fireworks was the frame during the cut of the cake, leaving the guests amazed. The dances had given the continuity to the festivities, creating an happy and lively moment. Villa D’Este a location of wedding that had given shape to the dream of this sweet and kind couple. It was all absolutely incredible! © R.R.

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