Client reviews

Franco is a truly talented photographer and an incredible artist with a very good eye for detail, colours and lighting. He is one of the best in Italy and every single photo they took which they sent us, we just loved dearly! I am sure the editing and curation process is a very unique skill, but every single photo they captured was truly beautiful be it scenery, location shots, people shots. Not a bad shot of us was taken at all, and every angle was flattering (which is very important for a bride!)
We were referred to Franco via our amazing wedding planner, and we honestly could not be happier with the results of our truly beautifully captured wedding in Tuscany at Castellina in Chianti. The slide show that was produced for us (summarizing the day) was a gorgeous collection of beautifully edited photos and the music to match was the icing on the cake. The photos sent to us via mail on a flash disk was sent to us quickly and we loved the fact that the 3000 photos which were sent to us, included an additional 500 edited photos as well! Making the selection for our album extremely difficult as every picture is just a work of art.
The team were very professional, we were very lucky to have been blessed to have Franco’s wife shoot photos too, and the couple are just adorable. Working with them was excellent on the day. They made sure we were at the right place at the right time (ie for sunset photos, off location photos, night time photos) etc to capture the best lighting of the day. They always made us laugh and being with them was easy to be natural and carefree. Franco has such a beautiful eye for detail and great experience, the way he placed the veil in the photos turned out to be stunningly beautiful and very natural. The photos which he manipulated my veil have to be my favorite photos.
He does his research. The team came down the day earlier before the wedding, to find an off site location near our wedding venue to take our couples photoshoot. The location they chose was magnificent, with rolling hills, beautiful lined vineyards, stunning road lined with Tuscan trees and a lovely garden area. As everything was in one offsite location, we were lucky to get a lot of beautiful shots in a very short time, to not be away from our guests too long, which we appreciated greatly.
His team also took amazing photos of the wedding ceremony and reception. The lighting in each was just magnificent, especially the lighting they captured in the evening / sunset! Absolutely breathtaking.
Honestly. The day was just perfect, we were really the happiest couple that day surrounded by our family and closest friends. The vibe was just beautiful and loving and Franco really captured the happiness and beauty of this day to perfection. We will cherish these memories and we are so happy that these pieces have been magnificently captured and can be shared and happily viewed for years to come. Highly, highly recommended. Franco we can not thank you enough! Bellissimo!
Jessica and Daniel.

Ciao Franco,
Thank you very much for your services on the day and the photos you have sent us. We are really happy with the quality and eye for detail you have in each shot to take candid photos of us, our friends and family on the day. They are exactly the style of photos we love and thank you again for doing such an amazing job. You have given us a lifetime of memories and captured our day that is unique to us.
Thank you kindly again Franco and Rosaria for making us feel at ease on the day and delivering our photos to us in such a timely manner. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Our family and friends, especially those in Sydney that were unable to attend our wedding are very pleased and impress with your photography.
Rose & Francesco

Franco è stato il fotografo del nostro matrimonio. Siamo veramente soddisfatti del lavoro svolto da Franco. Le sue foto sono fantastiche, ed una delle sue foto ha anche vinto un concorso internazionale! Franco è molto professionale e gentile, e per noi è stato piacevole averlo al matrimonio. Franco è molto attivo durante la giornata del matrimonio, e si posiziona sempre in maniera accurata e proattiva per catturare i momenti più interessanti del matrimonio. Ci siamo a volte chiesti dove trova le energie per fare così tante foto!
Molti nostri amici sono rimasti sorpresi della qualità delle foto, dell’album e del suo lavoro in generale. Ci troviamo spesso tra amici a parlare bene di Franco e delle sue foto.
Dalla nostra esperienza, Franco è stato eccezionale, e lo raccomandiamo vivamente.
Anna e Giammarco

Franco: una presenza riservata ma pronta a cogliere ogni momento più significativo. Il nostro album: il reportage più affidabile e verosimile del giorno più emozionante della nostra vita…
Valentina e Manuel

Franco’s photographs were beautifully taken, capturing our wedding day so naturally… The photos tell our story perfectly and really convey the warmth, energy and vibrance of the day.
We couldn’t be happier with Franco’s work and can’t recommend him highly enough!
Claudia e Mark

Franco and his assistant were amazing. We are so happy we chose them for our wedding. They were present during the time of the girls and guys getting ready all the way to our farewell. He’s uploaded a sneak peek of photos and it has gotten me so excited! Amazing photographer!!!!!
Sarah & Orion

Abbiamo scelto Franco, dopo un’attenta analisi tra siti e negozi di fotografi. Eleganza stile e semplicità erano le caratteristiche che sognavamo per il nostro matrimonio e per le nostre foto ma sembrava veramente impossibile realizzare questo sogno!!!
Una volta conosciuto Franco non abbiamo avuto dubbi…e i risultati sono stati meravigliosi!!! Sia il filmino che l’album ci permettono di rivivere quei romanticissimi momenti! Inutile dire che l’ho consigliato subito a mia cugina e ad un amico fraterno che si sposeranno quest’anno.
Bravo Franco!!!
Agostino e Sara

Siamo stati molto soddisfatti del servizio prestato da Franco in occasione del nostro matrimonio.
Con uno stile semplice e raffinato ha saputo cogliere gli istanti più significativi ed emozionanti del nostro giorno più bello mostrandosi altresi disponibile, mai invadente e soprattutto molto professionale.
Stefania e Roberto

La scelta di avere Franco come fotografo del nostro matrimonio non poteva essere più azzeccata, non abbiamo avvertito la sua presenza, ne durante la cerimonia, ne durante il pranzo, ma lui c’era, eccome se c’era!!!
Ne abbiamo avuto la prova guardando la marea di scatti che ha realizzato…
Risultato? un album bellissimo, carico di spontaneità,ricco di foto rubate che ci emozioneranno per sempre…
Katia e Nicola

Que dire… il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire le reportage-photos que Franco a réalisé pour nous !!!
Fantastique, émouvant, passionnant… 10 minutes de larmes de joie !!! Les photos, sublimes et suggestives, laissent percevoir la spontanéité et l’émotion de notre journée inoubliable !
Nous avons écrit ce texte avec tout notre coeur. Nous te remercions chaleureusement et nous espérons nous revoir un jour…
Maria Clementina e Sylvain

Se pensate di non essere fotogenici, la bravura di Franco vi dimostrerà il contrario. Sarete immortalati negli instanti più significativi, belli come non avreste mai sperato….
Con il suo stile, non abbiamo semplicemente rivisto i fotogrammi del nostro giorno, ne abbiamo rivissuto ritmi ed emozioni.
Grazie Franco. Bravissimo!
Emma e Andrea

Abbiamo subito deciso per lui. Franco non scatta solo bellissime foto, ma riesce a cogliere in ognuna di loro tutte le emozioni che vi sono rinchiuse.
Mai invadente, sempre attento, è riuscito a darci quello che volevamo sempre con la sua alta professionalità.
Grazie Franco, ti consiglieremo a tutti.
Gina e Davide

Franco was very professional, courteous and able to capture all the great moments of our wedding without being intrusive. The pictures turned out beautifully. We are more than happy with the result. He delivered the pictures in a very short time and we know now for sure that there was no better choice than Franco. He has a very artistic approach: He catches the right moments very attentively, he has an incredibly good eye for the composition of the picture, the pictures give you all the emotions withouth beeing tacky. If considering a phototgrapher for your wedding look no further: Franco will offer great looking lasting memories.
Séverine and Enrique

Dear Franco and Rosaria,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! The pictures you took of our wedding were stunning! When planning our wedding we knew when it came to a photographer it was very important to us to find someone who had an amazing eye for capturing not only the moment but also the emotion. You and Rosaria exceeded our expectations! As a photographer himself, my husband did quite a bit of research and was quite particular in his requirements. Not only did we love your work, but your prices were the most reasonable of all the quotes we received. You took an incredible set of pictures and our friends and family all thought the slideshow you put together for us was a perfect representation of the joy of our wedding. It was such a pleasure working with both of you, you are both so charming and thoughtful – we will be recommending you to all of our friends! Thank you again for capturing all the love and joy of our most special day.
Jennifer and Derrick

Sono passati tre mesi dal nostro matrimonio e nonostante Franco sia stato abbastanza celere a darci tutti gli scatti del nostro grande giorno, non ho ancora deciso quali mettere nell’album!
Le foto che ci ha fatto sono talmente piene di emozioni che fatico a “scartarne “. Sono tutte foto fatte al” momento giusto” e mi permettono di rivivere ogni singolo momento, anche quelli che mi sono persa nella foga della giornata! Franco Milani mi ha conquistata subito, dalle foto che mi ha mostrato nel suo studio ho capito che aveva qualcosa in piu’ degli altri fotografi. Quando poi ho conosciuto Rosaria è stato amore! Da una parte la professionalità e la gentilezza del signor Milani e dall’altra la simpatia e i modi affettuosi della moglie Rosaria… accoppiata vincente!
Barbara e Marco

Franco e Rosaria sono due veri professionisti. Li abbiamo scelti perché a loro non importa vendere la rilegatura dell’album (come tanti fanno) ma la qualità dei loro scatti e l’attenzione per i dettagli. Per tutto il matrimonio sono stati discreti e non ci hanno mai portato via dai nostri ospiti per fare degli scatti in posa. Ottima scelta che rifaremmo mille volte.
Chiara e Maurizio

Che dire! Franco è Franco! Con l’aiuto di Rosaria, seguono ogni attimo del grande giorno (dalla preparazione degli sposi ai balli finali) catturando non solo l’immagine ma l’emozione del singolo momento. Invisibili, discreti ma sempre presenti. Non sono dei fotografi ma artisti e ricercatori di sentimenti. Consigliatissimi!
Lara e Leonard